on a personal note, i finished arrangements for war and thicker than water today. nobody warned about the emotional impact these audios would have. why did nobody warn me. evelyn. christina. sophie. tommy. don’t touch me.

14 April

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[dr who theme playing in the background]

7 April

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Terror of the Veroids

Professor Lasky has created a race of killer plants. Mistake. (Mel wants Sixie to get in shape so he can help her fight giant plant vaginas.)

My 100 favorite Doctor Who stories in no particular order [x]

5 April

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"You broke me ‘till the day that I die
I’m far too obvious this time”

Lyrics, Evans Blue “Cold ( but I’m still here)

This was just a pic of Colin that I loved so much that I decided to take it and work it as a broken angry and not giving a fuck 6th Doctor.

26 March

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The Mark of the Rani

The Doctor puts a Rocket up the Rani’s plans. (Peri is awesome. The Doctor gets tied up a lot. The Rani kicks the Master in the balls.)

My 100 favorite Doctor Who stories in no particular order [x]

26 March

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I’m just going to leave this here

25 March

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